Blue Hole Spring/ Roaring River Caves

The Roaring River runs underground, before appearing near to Petersfield, close to the Roaring River Cave, a series of limestone caverns with a small mineral spring inside. The Roaring River Citizens Association, a local community group, looks after the caves and provides guided tours for visitors. There is also a fresh water sinkhole where visitors can swim and a landscaped private garden where visitors are welcome for a contribution.

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Take a Walk Through the Blue Hole Garden

A Beautiful Blue Hole surrounded by Amazing lush Gardens and different fruits and flowers . And around the back there is a small falls with Several Jacuzzis..


Enjoying Mayfield Falls /Roaring River & Caves

There are two sources of the Roaring River: Once source of water gushes from and old aqueduct while the other is a Blue Hole where the upwelling of water flows down to meet the other source in a confluence at a 300-year-old Cottonwood tree. Part of the subterranean flow of this river passes through Karst limestone caverns snaking through a rock formation across the river from that tree. A footpath ascends up this rock outcropping to a locked iron gate at the top of the path.

Inside the Caves of Roaring river

Inside, a path with handrails leads down to chambers full of stalagmites and stalactites.The cathedral-like caverns are quite large with a small amount of electrical light place conveniently out of sight providing a wonderful ambiance.

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Departure Hotel / Resort 1-4 Persons Day Tour 5 or More Per-Person Day Tour
Negril US$150.00 US$35.00
Ocho Rios US$290.00 US$60.00
Montego Bay US$180.00 US$40.00
Runaway Bay US$250.00 US$60.00
Grand Palladium Lucea US$160.00 US$35.00
Falmouth/Trelawny US$230.00 US$40.00

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